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Terme di Premia

Le terme di Premia in Valle Antigorio

About This Project

Premia Terme, an up-to-date complex of thermal baths, was opened for the first time in August 2008 covering an impressive area of  26 thousand square meters of land including 5000 square meters of thermal and recreational  facilities. It is designed in full respect of the natural beauty of the environment and the fine architectural interpretation  reflects the typical character of  local building: local stone called serizzo has been used for the base, the external walls are pannelled in wood and roofing is in local beole stone slabs with large glass picture windows framing the superb views over the valley.  The complex is L-shaped and encloses and shelters a south-facing area with a large swimming pool used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. The water circuit continues towards the interior of the complex with dedicated pools having various therapeutic functions. Saunas, aerosol therapy and water treatments complete the services of the wellbeing center which is based on the ancient Roman tradition which placed both  body and soul at the center of daily life.

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